From left, Dennis Puleo, Tom Hanks, Bob DeVenezia, kneeling, and Bob Falk met on Cinnamon Beach Saturday, April 23, 2016 in Palm Coast, Fla. The four friends hadn't all been in the same place since being shipped off to fight in the Vietnam War. Luke Franke/Naples Daily News/AP

4 Marines come together after 50 years for the perfect photo

They wanted the picture to be just right, to look as close as possible to the one they'd taken together 50 years ago, back when their memories hadn't yet been clouded by the images of war. So on a recent Saturday morning, on the sun-drenched Atlantic shore of Cinnamon Beach on Florida's northeast coast, four U.S. Marine veterans gathered around a yellow longboard turned upright, trying to recreate a moment from five decades earlier.




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